Tuesday, September 30, 2008

REPORT - On The Cusp: A Global Review of the Semantic Web Industry

I'm delighted to announce the availability of my report titled "On The Cusp: A Global Review of the Semantic Web Industry". In it are profiles of 17 industry participants and analysis that highlights the following:
  • The Semantic Web is a commercially competitive technology.
  • Linked data will be extremely valuable - when it's better understood.
  • Natural Language Processing is an important step in deriving value from "World Wild Content".
To download a copy of this report, click Download Semantic_Web_Industry_Review.pdf (1416.1K)">here.
I'll be part of a panel discussion at Jupitermedia's Web 3.0 conference on Thu Oct 16 and I'll hope to see you there!
In the meantime, my thanks to everyone I spoke with at the companies covered in this report - their participation and involvement made this report possible. Lastly, and far from the least, my thanks to Jim Hendler. For the past several years Jim's been a close advisor and a staunch supporter who's never let me down in a pinch.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Speaking At Jupitermedia's Web3.0 Conference Oct 16-17

I'll be on a panel titled Product Marketing, Key Biz Strategies and the findings in my report will be a key part of my comments. If you're planning to be there I hope you'll say hello!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Interviews Are Finished: Final List of Vendors Covered

Fri Sep 5 marked the end of the period I budgeted for interviews and data collection and frankly, I'm delighted with the number of companies that have participated and the thoroughness of their responses. The companies that will be covered in my Sep 30 report are:
In the final report, each of these ventures will be profiled individually to describe their primary offering, what it does, near term plans, and commentary. Several patterns have emerged and I'll discuss these in an industry analysis section that will also be in the report. In the meantime, I'm still on schedule to publish on Sep 30. I'll announce the availability of this [free] report here on my blog and I'll also be sure to provide a link to the .pdf.
My sincere thanks go out to the people and companies that took the time to participate in the interviews and then later, for reviewing the profiles for accuracy - their help and support has been central to this process.