Tuesday, September 30, 2008

REPORT - On The Cusp: A Global Review of the Semantic Web Industry

I'm delighted to announce the availability of my report titled "On The Cusp: A Global Review of the Semantic Web Industry". In it are profiles of 17 industry participants and analysis that highlights the following:
  • The Semantic Web is a commercially competitive technology.
  • Linked data will be extremely valuable - when it's better understood.
  • Natural Language Processing is an important step in deriving value from "World Wild Content".
To download a copy of this report, click Download Semantic_Web_Industry_Review.pdf (1416.1K)">here.
I'll be part of a panel discussion at Jupitermedia's Web 3.0 conference on Thu Oct 16 and I'll hope to see you there!
In the meantime, my thanks to everyone I spoke with at the companies covered in this report - their participation and involvement made this report possible. Lastly, and far from the least, my thanks to Jim Hendler. For the past several years Jim's been a close advisor and a staunch supporter who's never let me down in a pinch.


Lisa Epstein said...

David, just wanted to congratulate you on your new report. The considerable work you put into it clearly shows and Thetus is pleased to be featured alongside the collection of industry leaders you have included in your analysis. I'd love to see industry press take notice of your report as well -- I'm sure you're already in contact with them, but outlets that focus on this space (semanticweb.com comes to mind but there are others, of course) may find this quite interesting.

David Provost said...

Lisa - thanks very much for the generous comments.


Greg Boutin said...

Nice report, David.

I have referred to it on my blog at Semantics Incorporated, together with some observations.

I will be talking at web 3.0 too (session B4), let's meet if our schedules allow.

Greg Boutin

Josh Kirschner said...


Thank you for an informative report. It's great to have more coverage of the semantic web, as a rising tide will lift all boats.

My company, Inform Technologies, is one of the examples of real success in this space. We have dozens of major media properties - CNN, Washington Post, Conde Nast, NY Daily News - launched on our semantic technology. Inform is completely integrated into our clients' publishing process, driving significant reader engagement and revenue improvements.

Would love to speak with you about inclusion in future reports or to provide background for your panel conversations. I'm assuming you hadn't come across our name as we tend to market directly to online media companies, and not as much into the developer community.

Best Regards,
Josh Kirschner
Chief Marketing Officer
Inform Technologies

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